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Spring cleaning on terrace and balcony

What could be nicer than a cosy spot in the spring sun? With an exciting book in the deck chair, the cool lemonade on the side table. But the dirty and rough wooden floor spoils the look and the pleasure of walking barefoot. Woca Exterior Wood Oil removes the dullness and gives every wooden terrace rich colours and protection against weathering.

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Now 20% discount on Woca Exterior Wood Oil.

When you buy 2.5 litres of exterior oil, we will give you 20% off the contents. So the oil is also enough for large terraces, the additional garden furniture or another coat. Choose from the colours "Natural", "Teak" or "Bangkirai".

Expert Tip:

  1. Use a single-disc machine for larger areas.
  2. For freshening up, we recommend the Exterior Wash-in Oil
  3. Do you like the grey wood patina? Then use Protect instead of oil.

We recommend the following accessories:

  • Exterior wood cleaner
  • Single-disc machine with silicon carbide brush for cleaning (rent machine)
  • Brush-on machine and paint tray for oil application
  • Towels and polishing pad beige for polishing
  • Instructions (PDF in German) for the application of exterior wood oil

The 3 variants for the maintenance of exterior wood - also with 20% discount.

It is not always necessary to freshly oil the exterior wood - because it has only recently been oiled, the wood is only slightly exposed to rain and sun or the "weathered look" is desired. The following options are available for the maintenance of exterior wood.

Exterior Wood Oil

Preserve Patina
Exterior Protect

For refreshing wood in outdoor areas such as garden furniture, carports, terraces and facades. Available in various colours.

- The colour is refreshed
- Cleaning and machine necessary

As an ideal complement to the exterior wood oil. Provides lasting care for exterior wood and is easy to use. Delays the more time-consuming oiling process.

- The wood is cared for and nourished
- Simple and can be applied by hand

Is suitable for impregnating untreated wood of garden furniture and decking. It protects and preserves the noble grey patina.

- The colour remains unchanged
- Cleaning necessaryPromotion valid until 31 May 2021 and while stocks last. The Exterior Protect and Oil Refresher discount cannot be cumulated with customer conditions.

Promotion valid until 31 May 2022 and while stocks last. The Exterior Protect and Oil Refresher discount cannot be cumulated with customer conditions.