Lacquer & Paint

Superior performance and easy application

Woca Master is a complete varnish system that offers the right solution for parquet sealing in all rooms and buildings. Master lacquers have good flow properties and are uncomplicated to apply with a roller. Special tools are not necessary. An application of 2-3 coats with intermediate sanding produces hard-wearing and visually perfect surfaces. The lacquers dry quickly, whether water- or solvent-based, with or without 2K hardener. After a few hours, the first coat of lacquer can be sanded, the second coat is fully cured after a few days.

The advantages of Woca Parquet Varnish:

  • Fast drying
  • Easy application
  • Superior performance
  • Perfect results

Woca Master Lackauftrag mit Lackrolle

The Master floor lacquer system from Woca

From raw parquet to maintenance, the Master product range offers coordinated products:

  • Filler for filling gaps between wooden planks and strips.
  • Primer for priming the raw surface
  • Varnishes for different degrees of stress and looks
  • Cleaner and Care for cleaning and refreshing the parquet sealant

The structure with Master Parquet Varnish:

1. Pre-treatment 2. Basic treatment 3. Care
  1. Sanding
  2. Filling joints with Master Filler
  3. Sanding
  1. Master Primer
  2. Master Lacquer layer 1
  3. Intermediate sanding
  4. Master Lacquer layer 2
  5. Recommendation: 3rd layer Master Lacquer
  1. Maintenance cleaning with Master Cleaner
  2. Maintenance as required with Master Care