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Swep Mop

Floor mop/twist-mop with wringing mechanism for quickly wringing out dirty water, with cotton fringes for oiled wood floors

Swep Mop Swep Mop Floor Mop Only
Swep Mop Floor Mop Only
SFr. 69.00 SFr. 94.30
Swep Mop Swep Mop Floor Mop with Mop Bucket Set
Swep Mop Floor Mop with Mop Bucket Set
SFr. 79.00 SFr. 111.30
Swep Mop Replacement Mop Head for Swep Mop
Replacement Mop Head for Swep Mop
SFr. 51.20
neu SFr. 46.08
Swep Mop Mop Bucket 12 Liter black
Mop Bucket 12 Liter black
SFr. 17.00
neu SFr. 15.30


The Swep Mop pro cleaning system for home use

The Swep Mop floor mop is a true classic when it comes to cleaning floors, and thanks to its fringes made of pure cotton it can also be used on oiled wood floors. The Swep Mop is also able to reach spots like under the sofa or under the bed with ease. Wring dirty water out of the mop head by conveniently twisting the Swep Mop from a standing position, without having to bend over. Get the right amount of water for damp wiping, which is important for laminate or sealed wood floors, by wringing out the mop multiple times

Swep Mop

When cleaning larger areas, we recommend working with two buckets, allowing you to keep the cleaning/maintenance solution separated from the used, dirty water. After using the Swep Mop, simply remove the mop head and clean it in the washing machine

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