Small, easy-to-operate polisher for re-oiling and refreshing wood floors. The machine comes with two cleaning pads as well as a drive pad
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mall, easy-to-use polisher for re-oiling and refreshing wood floors

At just 12.7 kg, the Polisher-Small (Polisher 1) is an especially lightweight machine. Because it's so easy to use and so light, it's ideal for people who aren't used to operating a professional machine. This makes the polisher-small ideal for refreshing one room or a Kitchen.

It comes with a drive pad with a diameter of 330 mm for attaching pads, as well as a white pad (330/20 mm) and a tank.

Product Info
The polisher-small is intended to be used for oiling areas of less than 30 m2; for larger areas we recommend using the polisher-professional, which makes speeds up the polishing process. For polishing, use the 330 mm lamb's wool pads. The polishing cloths are NOT intended for use with this machine. An area of 20 m2 requires 3-5 lamb's wool pads. Use only Woca Maintenance Oil with the polisher-small. <br/ >
Additional items you will need such as polishing cloths and pads may be found here
The polisher-small (polisher 1) can also be rented from our stores in Zurich, Bern, Zug, or Wila.