Professional floor polisher; metal housing for high
durability; powerful motor, 180 rpm; ideal for polishing
and cleaning tasks

Polisher-Professional without Drive Pad
SFr. 1'499.00 SFr. 1'896.60
Drive Pad
SFr. 107.00 SFr. 186.30
Siliciumkaerbid Bürste 430mm
SFr. 189.00 SFr. 288.60
Laugentank 14 Liter
SFr. 155.70 SFr. 210.00


This professional floor polisher features a sturdy metal frame that makes it extremely durable. It has extra-large wheels, allowing you to easily get it over steps and door thresholds.

The polisher-professional has a drive pad / pad diameter of 43 cm
and a brush / pad speed of 180 rpm, making it ideal for sanding, polishing, and cleaning tasks. The machine is equipped with a powerful and especially quiet motor, making the machine a reliable and non-disruptive tool that can even be used in places like hospitals. And with an IPX4-rated safety switch and automated drive pad release mechanism, this polisher-professional is also safe to use. The machine is surrounded by a rubber ring that prevents it from leaving dents and scratches when making contact with walls.

Polisher-Professional Technical Specifications
Plug type EU   Power cord length 15 m
Voltage 230 V   Frequenz 50 Hz
IP Code IPX4   Power rating 1100 W
Noise level, 59 dB at 1.5 m distance ISO 3744   Vibration intensity, handle <2.5 m="" s2="" td="">
Brush/pad diameter 430 mm   Brush surface pressure 35.69 g/cm²
Brush/pad speed 180 rpm.   Brush torque 63 Nm
PAD PRESSURE 26.39 g/cm²   Dimensions L 57.2 x W 44.5 x H 123.6 cm
Motor housing height 323 mm   Height with handle upright 1236 mm
Weight 37 Kg    

Additional items you will need, such as polishing cloths or pads are available here in the Online Shop.
The floor polisher-professional can also be rented at one of our stores in Zurich, Bern, Zug, or Wila

Rental set
Re-oil wood floors with the floor polisher-professional