Applicator Bar

For applying oil, stain, lye, or soap when treating bare wood. Provides an especially smooth coat when working with stain and lye.

35 cm without Sheepskin
SFr. 10.80
neu SFr. 9.72
35 cm Sheepskin
SFr. 16.20
neu SFr. 14.58
45 cm without Sheepskin
SFr. 12.90
neu SFr. 11.61
45 cm Sheepskin
SFr. 18.30
neu SFr. 16.47
Universal Telescopic Pole
SFr. 35.50
neu SFr. 31.95


Applicator Bar with sheepskin for working with soap, oil stain, and lye

This applicator and its sheepskin cover is great for working with oil, lyes, stains, and soap.

The applicator bar with sheepskin lays the oil on very thick, which can be very helpful when working on very porous woods. It provides a very smooth coat when working with stains and lyes, and the sheepskin helps to avoid uneven spots. The Applicator Bar and sheepskin is available in two sizes, one 35 cm and the other 45 cm.

If you wish to keep reusing the sheepskin, we recommend soaking it in a pail filled with Solvent after oiling to prevent the fleece from drying out.