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Wood Deck Cleaning Rental Set

Everything you need for cleaning, brightening up, and refreshing a wood deck. The Pro Deck Set is available for rent in Wila, Bern, Zug, or Zurich.

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Clean, brighten up, and refresh wood decks with the rental set from Holzpunkt AG

Winter can really do a number on the appearance of your wood deck. To get your deck back to its original splendor and looking fresh again, you can rent a "Wood Deck Set" from Holzpunkt AG with all the things you need to get the job done efficiently.

Brighten up, refresh, and oil decks
The image shows a wood deck after cleaning with Exterior Cleaner and silicon carbide brush

Brighten up, refresh, and oil decks

The "Wood Deck Set" rental items include:

  • Silcion carbide brush ( 1x hand brush for edges, 1x for floor polisher-professional) for cleaning the deck
  • floor polisher-professional
  • pro drive pad (for use with the pad and polishing cloth)
You can also purchase the following products for the process:
  • Exterior Cleaner for cleaning
  • Exterior Oil for oiling the wood deck
  • white pads for polishing the surface finish
  • oil applicator (measured application)
  • paint tray
  • polishing cloths (for polishing off excessive oil if necessary)
Enough to treat 50 m2 of wood deck
One liter of Exterior Oil treats between 12 and 15 m2 of wood deck. For a deck with an area of 50 m2, you will need 4 white pads, 5 liters of Exterior Cleaner, 5 liters of Exterior Oil, 1 deck applicator

Let us help you calculate the materials you need:

Enter the area (in square meters) of the deck in the "calculate materials" field.
We've got everything you need including oil, pads, applicators, etc. Let us know what color you need at checkout (e.g. Oil Bangkirai).

Ordering process
  1. Please use the online shop to select the machine(s) you wish to rent, the number of days, the accessories you need, as well as the cleaning and care items you want.
  2. In the shopping cart, choose the location where you wish to pick up the items. Possible locations include Zurich, Bern, Zug, and Wila.
  3. Complete your order in the online shop.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: In order to make an appointment to pick up the machine, please call the location you'll be renting the items from within three days after placing your order. You'll find the telephone number in the email you receive from us.

Need help?

If you'd like individual advice, contact us by phone or visit us at one of out locations. We have testers available so you can sample the individual Exterior Oils, and we will gladly provide you with advice at one of our locations in Wila, Zurich, Bern, or Zug.

We ask you to please thoroughly clean the floor polisher-professional and the brushes after you're finished using them. Otherwise we will have to charge a cleaning fee of 50.00 CHF.

Mix Exterior Cleaner with water according to the instructions on the container. Use a sprayer or a cotton cloth to apply the cleaning mixture to the wood. Use the silicon carbide brushes to scrub the wet deck boards. Use the floor polisher-professional to treat the surface of the deck, and the hand brush to get the edges and hard-to-reach spots. Afterwards, rinse the surface of the wood thoroughly with water and allow it to dry for at least 12 hrs.

Once the wood is dry, oil the surface using the deck applicator. To measure out the perfect amount and to make your work easier, we recommend pouring some Exterior Oil into a paint tray and soaking the applicator in it. Once you've oiled the whole deck, use the floor polisher with the white pad to polish the surface. No excess oil may be left on the surface.

When treating the surface with oil, make sure the temperature is at least 10° Celsius and the sun is not too intense. After a drying time of 24 hrs., the surface may be walked on with caution again.