Multimop 2

Pro cleaning system, vertical wringer for just the
right amount of water, bucket with two-chamber
function, cotton fringes for oiled wood floors, easily
clean hard-to-reach spots

Multimop 2 Replacement Cotton Head
SFr. 19.30


Multimop II – the professional cleaning system for home use

For lacquered wood floors or laminate, the level of dampness is important, so make sure to use the right amount of moisture when washing the floor.

The vertical wringer on the new Multimop II System allows the mop to be squeezed out quickly and to the exact degree necessary to arrive at the proper amount of water in the mop head. Also, the fringes are not made of microfiber, but cotton, guaranteeing a gentle touch even when cleaning oiled wood floors.

Multimop wringer   Dry-mopping with Multimop   Rinsing Multimop   Getting the right amount of water   Cleaning with wet Multimop

Hard-to-reach spots like under the bed or under the sofa are easy to get to with the Multimop II. The double chamber system separates clean water from dirty water while you work. The result is an especially hygienic cleaning process, since the dirty water isn't spread back out over the floor.

Multimop 2 features a handle that can be broken down for easy, compact storage in your cleaning closet. And if you have it delivered by mail, it won't be counted as a "bulky item", saving you money. The extra-wide fringes on the mop head can be machine washed in water up to 90° Celsius.

Available now here in the online shop or at Holzpunkt store locations in Zurich, Bern, Zug, and Wila.