Oil Roller Applicator

Quick, easy, and precisely measured coat of oil; no more excess oil; less polishing work to do, saves money by using less oil

Replacement Rolls 5x
SFr. 58.20


Oil Roller Applicator

The Oil Roller Applicator allows for a quick, easy, and precisely measured coat of oil. Pour Woca oil into the applicator's tank.

A measured amount of oil drips from the tank onto a foam roller, which then applies a measured amount of oil to the floor. The oil applicator itself is pushed in a straight line back and forth until te entire area is covered with wet oil.

As the machine applies a measured amount of oil, there's no reason to remove excess oil afterwards with a squeegee or otherwise. There's also a noticeable reduction in the effort needed to polish the floor with polishing cloths or wool pads, saving money on oil and on labor, which can be particularly cost-effective for larger commercial properties. All of these advantages make the oil roller an effective and efficient tool.

Oil Roller

May be used for:
Bare wood floors or floors that have not been treated with oil for a while, tabletops and worktops, as well as wood decks outside.

Product Info
With extendable telescopic pole, built-in hand grip for oiling worktops, tank with a 2.5-liter fill capacity, three exchangeable rollers.
To clean the oil roller, empty the tank and place in the roller in a container with Solvent. The next time you use the device, use the tool included to free the dispenser slot of dried oil. This makes it unnecessary to clean the entire device.

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