Refreshing Wood Floors

Do you have any questions about caring for wood floors? Are you looking for finishing experts on location to come and freshen up your wood floor? Or would you like to re-oil the floor yourself? We'd be happy to offer you the advice or the help you need!

Refreshing wood floors I'd like to have my floors re-oiled by specialists. Please contact me.
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Oiled wood floors need to be cared for!

From time to time, you should treat your wood floor to a follow-up care treatment – even better if it's done by a specialist. This is because the oiled surface of the wood loses its protective layer or oil over the years. WOCA Oil Refresher is able to delay having to have the floor re-oiled, but after a certain amount of time, re-oiling can't be put off any longer.

Do I have to re-oil my floor?

When it comes to figuring out when an oiled surface needs to be re-oiled, every floor is different. It all depends on how much stress the floor is exposed to – but as a rule, a newly laid floor should be re-oiled within one year. After this treatment, it will need to be refreshed every 3-5 years. This way, the oiled finish gets more and more resistant each time.

When is a re-oiling necessary?
Is your wood floor is dull, are scratches and other signs of wear starting to show, do grease spots (in the Kitchen and dining area for instance) remain visible after you mop, are you starting to see discolored, greyish spots near the entrance to the room, or does the color of the wood change dramatically when you wash it?
These are signs that the wood needs a protective layer of oil.

When is re-oiling done?
In winter, when temperatures drop and the interiors are heated – at this time, the relative humidity also drops, and the pores in the wood open up, allowing to the oil to penetrate deep into the surface.

Your furniture can stay where it is!

The re-oiling process doesn't require you to completely rearrange your shelves and sofas. Just move the things that aren't very heavy out of the way – carpets, chairs, house plants, etc.