WOCA Wood Cleaner

For basic cleaning of wood surfaces; may be used on all finishes whether sealed, oiled, or waxed; neutralizes tannic acids for improved protection against water and oxidation spots.

1.0 Liter Wood Cleaner
SFr. 35.85
neu SFr. 32.27
2.5 Liters Wood Cleaner
SFr. 68.85
neu SFr. 61.97
0.25 Liters Wood Cleaner
SFr. 11.85
neu SFr. 10.67


WOCA Wood Cleaner for intense cleaning of wood floors

Intensive wood floor cleaner for oiled, waxed, or sealed surfaces. Efficiently removes dirt and grease. After a round of intensive cleaning with Woca Wood Cleaner, treat floors with Maintenance Oil, Wood Floor Oil, or Diamond Oil

Woca Wood Cleaner for intense cleaning of wood floors

WOCA Wood Cleaner helps to neutralize the tannic acids in wood, which are especially present in oak. This improves the wood's protection against drops of water or oxidation spots caused by contact with metal.

Product Info
If you're refreshing the oil on a floor, the floor first needs to be cleaned with WOCA Wood Cleaner. This can be done using a mop or, for extremely dirty wood floors, you can also use a floor polisher-professional and beige cleaning pad, as well as an industrial wet vacuum cleaner to take away the dirt. Both machines may be
rented at Holzpunkt. Coverage: 200-300 m2/liter, drying time before oiling: damp cleaning, 1-2 hrs.; wet cleaning 6-12 hrs.

Items needed

mop bucket, floor mop,

For extremely dirty surfaces

Mop bucket, wet mop, floor polisher-professional, wet vacuum cleaner, beige pad,

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