Natural Soap + Oil Refresher + Care Guide

Care Set Natural Soap + Oil Refresher + Care Guide with step-by-step instructions (re-oiling, cleaning, washing)

1.0 Liter Natural Soap Natural + 1.0 Liter Oil Refresher Natural + Care Guide
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1.0 Liter Natural Soap White + 1.0 Liter Oil Refresher White + Care Guide
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Natural Soap + Oil Refresher + Care Guide

Woca Natural Soap is used for the regular cleaning and maintenance of oiled wood floors. It cleans and revitalizes in one single step. The vegetable fats contained in the soap have a replenishing effect that gives the oiled finish a patina that repels water and dirt after cleaning. WOCA Oil Refresher should be applied instead of the soap every 5th or 6th time. The oil content contained in Oil Refresher helps you delay having to re-oil the floor.

Please refer to the care guide included in the set for detailed instructions on how to use this product.

The set includes the two products (1.0 Liter Natural Soap + 1.0 Liter Oil Refresher) and a care guide for CHF 56.00 + VAT.