Starter Kit Wood Floor Cleaner

For oxidative oiled or waxed wood floors, everything in one Care Box, Wood Cleaner, Natural Soap, Oil Refresher, Maintenance Oil, Scouring Pad, Care Guide, Polishing Cloth

Starter Kit Wood Floor Cleaner Natural
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Starter Kit Wood Floor Cleaner White
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Starter Kit Wood Floor Cleaner for oiled or waxed wood floors

Care Box with everything you need to cleaning and caring for oiled wood floors.

Comes in a sturdy cardboard box. Contents: 0.25 Liters Wood Cleaner, 0.25 Liters Maintenance Oil, 0.25 Liters Oil Refresher, 1.0 Liter Natural Soap, 2 Sponges, Polishing Cloth, and Care Guide.
Available for floors oiled in white or in their natural color.

Wood Floor Cleaner

Wood Cleaner for the basic cleaning of wood surfaces before refreshing with Woca Maintenance Oil. Natural Soap for the daily care and maintenance of wood floors. Maintenance Oil for refreshing living and Kitchen spaces or for the partial treatment of small areas. Sponges for applying oil, with scouring pad on the reverse side for scrubbing out tough spots on the wood surface. Oil-Absorbent Cloth for polishing, and a Care Guide with instructions on how to use the products along with additional info and tips.

Wood Floor Cleaner Starter Kit PDF