WOCA Oil Care

New: Solvent-free maintenance oil that's especially easy to use, even without a machine. Ideal for frequent use thanks to low solid particle concentration.

WOCA Oil Care Oil Care Natural 1 Liter
Oil Care Natural 1 Liter
SFr. 42.00
neu SFr. 37.80
WOCA Oil Care Oil Care White 1 Liter
Oil Care White 1 Liter
SFr. 42.00
neu SFr. 37.80


WOCA Oil Care

New: WOCA Oil Care is water-based and 100 % solvent-free, making it the ideal restorative care product for naturally oiled surfaces. WOCA Oil Care may be used on all types of wood.
WOCA Oil Care Natural is used on dark-colored woods like walnut, smoked oak, and oak. WOCA Oil Care White can be used on all light-colored woods like maple, birch, ash, and light oak.

Thanks to the low solid particle concentration in WOCA Care Oil, it can be very quickly and easily employed as a maintenance oil, making it ideal for refreshing surfaces that aren't too worn. For badly worn wood floors that haven't been oiled in a while, we recommend using WOCA Maintenance Oil, which has a higher solid particle concentration and also brightens up the wood a lot more.

Woca Oil Care

WOCA Oil Care can be applied manually with a wet mop, working in stages for larger areas. Alternatively, you can rent a floor polisher-professional or a smaller polisher from a Holzpunkt store in Zurich, Bern, Zug, or Wila.

Items needed for machine applicaton:
floor polisher-professional or polisher-small
polishing cloths, 10x for 100 m2. or wool pads
beige pads, 2x

Items needs for manual application:
Lamb's wool pad (for Multi-Mop), 3-4x

Important Product Info
Coverage: 30-40 m2 per liter, available in Natural or White, room temperature should remain between 15° and 35° Celsius while working with product. After applying and polishing, there should be no excess oil left on the surface.
6-12 hours drying time, the floor may not be washed for 3-5 days to allow the product to cure.

Woca Oil Care Guide