Worktop Oil

As a basic treatment or to revitalize furniture, tabletops, cutting boards, wooden bowls. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA for use in connection with food.

0.75 Liters Natural Worktop Oil
SFr. 38.90 SFr. 46.45
0.75 Liters White Worktop Oil
SFr. 38.90 SFr. 53.60
0.75 Liters Grey Worktop Oil
SFr. 48.20
neu SFr. 43.38
0.75 Liters Black Worktop Oil
SFr. 43.90
neu SFr. 39.51


WOCA AWorktop Oil

Worktop Oil is designed for untreated Kitchen, table, and furniture surfaces or for wood that has already been treated with oil. Worktop Oil seeps into the pores in the wood, creating a finish that's great at repelling water and dirt.

The oil treatment in Natural really brings out the natural color of the wood; Worktop Oil in White gives wood surfaces a natural white look. Worktop Oil may be used with any wood and can be applied by hand.

FDA Certified
WOCA Worktop Oil has been tested by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US and approved for use in conjunction with food. This makes it an excellent product to use on cutting boards, toys, wooden spoons, wooden bowls, and other wood items that come into contact with food.


The components used in making Woca oils come from purely plant-based products. Synthetic oils are consciously excluded from the process. The oils dry in the air, requiring no additional curing agents, which are sometimes toxic.

Important Product Info

Solid particle concentration of oil components: 70%. For bare wood, we recommend applying two coats of oil in order to ensure that the pores in the wood are completely filled in.
Bare wood and wood that has already been treated should first be cleaned using Woca Wood Cleaner.
Drying time: approx. 24 hrs, keep wood away from water for 2-3 days, coverage: 9-11 m2/liter

Items needed

Manual application:
brush or sheepskin
1x pad, white
polishing cloths 2-3x for every 10 m2

Worktop oil guide